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The Great White Throne is impressive, rising more than 2400' above the canyon floor. The Zion Canyon Shuttle stops at a view point for the Great White Throne and the nearby Organ. There are no trails to the top of the Great White Throne, but it is a magnificent white topped monolith and perhaps the most famous of all Zion National Park landmarks. W. H. W. Evans was the first to climb the Great White Throne. The attempt was made on June 27, 1927, but he fell on the climb down. The rescue team found him barely alive. Hidden Canyon was discovered during the rescue and the East Rim Trail leading to Hidden Canyon was built in 1928. The name, Great White Throne, was given by the same Methodist minister, Frederick Fisher, that named Angels Landing and the Three Patriarchs. Fisher felt that the monolith was magnificent enough to symbolize the throne of God. The white flat mountain he saw to be the back of the throne and Angels Landing and the Organ symbolize the two arm rests. Elevation: 6744' (NPS website)